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Massage & Spa – Body, Mind & Soul Treatment. Please check our products:

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[tab title=”1 day”]One-day and single treatments

Thai Massage 60 min. 400 Baht
120 min. 600 Baht
180 min. 900 Baht
Thai Massage with Herbal Compression60 min. 500 Baht
120 min. 800 Baht
180 min. 1,200 Baht
Foot Massage90 min. 500 Baht
Massage For Healthy Foot120 min. 600 Baht
Body & Infant Massage60 min. 400 Baht
Special Child Massage 60 min. 450 Baht
Hand Spa60 min. 600 Baht
Foot Spa60 min. 800 Baht
Hand Spa & Foot Spa120 min. 1,200 Baht
Oil Massage90 min. 900 Baht
Body Scrub45 min. 600 Baht
Body Mask45 min. 600 Baht
Herbal Steaming30 min. 400 Baht
Facial Treatment60 min. 800 Baht
Anti Cellulite Massage& Herbal Steaming90 min. 1,600 Baht
Combined with Jacuzzi relaxation 15 min200 Baht

[tab title=”Apsara specialties”]Apsara specialties
Hot stone treatment 120 min 1.000 Baht
Thai herb compression treatment120 min1.000 Baht
Four-hand massage
They say 2 heads are better than 1, with massage
4 hands are better than 2! Enjoy a relaxing massage
with 2 of our therapists
60 min700 Baht
90 min1.000 Baht
Special massage according to consultation 60 min600 Baht
90 min900 Baht
120 min1.100 Baht
Apsara special spa treatment:
Skin treatment, with Thai herb, natural yogurt 45 min750 Baht
Hair Treatment with Coconut oil, flower45 min600 Baht
Apsara beauty service:
Hair wash and dry200 Baht
Hair cut, standard250 Baht
Hair cut, special350 Baht
Hair curly750 Baht
Hair permanent1.100 Baht
Nail cut and nail paint hand250 Baht
Foot spa, nail cut and nail paint400 Baht

[tab title=”Special day package”]Apsara Special day Package
Anti stress 1 and body treatment
Foot Massage 60 min1,200 Baht
Thai Massage60 min
Oil massage60 min
Body wake-up
Thai Herbal Compression120 min.1,200 Baht
Foot Massage60 min.
Apsara beauty treatment
Hand Spa & Foot Spa120 min.1,800 Baht
Facial Treatment60 min.
Apsara Body Treatment
Herbal Steaming30 min.1,900 Baht
Oil Massage90 min.
Facial Massage60 min.
The unique Body Treatment
Oil Massage60 min.2,000 Baht
Herbal Steaming30 min.
Body Scrub 45 min.
Body Mask 45 min.
All of the Special day packets are including 15 min Jacuzzi and special Thai healthy meals and healthy herbal Tea.

[tab title=”2 to 6 days”]Treatment programmes from 2 to 6 days
Spoil yourself and your body with a real body and soul treatment package for up to 7 days. It isn’t necessary to go every day. You can extend your treatments over a longer period and fit them into your other holiday plans.
We can always create a personal plan for you.

[tab title=”Thai Yoga”]Thai Yoga
Our yoga and meditation classes must be booked three days in advance. You can participate in our periodic 6-day yoga course and 5-day meditation courses or we can arrange for private classes.
We can furthermore organize individual training for groups. Please talk to us about your needs.


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